Turn your home into a Bonus™ home.

Selling your house can sell today for $500,000 and again in 15 years for potentially $1,000,000.Selling your house can sell today for $500,000 and again in 15 years for potentially $1,000,000.
Annual house appreciation assumed to be 5% per year.

Sell Your Equity

Use Bonus™ to sell your current equity AND keep a percentage of ownership. Bonus™ enables you to move on without missing out on your home's future appreciation.


Fund Your Next Move

Bonus™ purchases your equity, giving you the money needed for your next move. Bonus™ is not a loan, so you NEVER have to worry about making payments or paying interest to Bonus™.


Build Long-Term Wealth

Bonus™ manages EVERYTHING on your behalf, from paying the mortgage to handling any maintenance needs, allowing you to simply watch its value and your wealth grow over time.

Bonus™ by The Numbers

An example of what you get when you Bonus™ your home compared to a traditional sale.

Your Home Value & Equity

Current Home Value


Current Equity


What You Get Today

Proceeds with a Traditional Sale

After ~5-6% in Selling Agent Fees, Buyer Agent Fees, Closing Cost Contributions


Proceeds with Bonus™*

With Bonus, you can access your equity all while retaining ownership. Our fees are lower than a traditional sale.


Ownership You Retain with Bonus™

Bonus Members typically retain 30-50% of ownership in their home after partnering with Bonus.



Estimated Future Home Value*


(An appreciation gain of $500K)

Future Proceeds after Traditional Sale


Estimated Future Proceeds with Bonus™

From the extra equity you've built over the years — money you would have NEVER seen selling the traditional way.


(50% of the appreciation after 15 yrs)
*Annual house appreciation assumed to be 5% per year over the next 15 years.
Homeowners have the option to sell their home after a 5-year holding period.

More of what you get with Bonus™

Bonus™ gives homeowners the best options to move on from their homes while still building wealth.

Sell but Keep Ownership

Bonus™ makes it possible to sell your equity, move out, and still keep ownership. As partners we both win when the home goes up in value.

Lower Fees

Bonus only charges a 1.5% transaction fee, saving homeowners from paying 5-6% for agent fees and closing costs when they sell the traditional way.

Bonus Covers Everything

Bonus™ guarantees to never come back to you for money. We cover all future repairs, upkeep, mortgage payments, tenants & property management and other expenses.

Works w/ Your Next Lender

Bonus™ works directly with your next lender to to make it easy to get a mortgage for your next home by providing proof of funds and by guaranteeing future rent payments.

Bonus™ is Not a Loan

Bonus™ does not require any form of payback. We simply purchase your equity in exchange for a % of ownership in your home, becoming your investment partner.

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