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Homeowners, have your cake and eat it, too. With Bonus, you can you can stay invested in your home after you’ve moved.

Real estate investing made easy

Owning multiple homes is the most predictable way to build wealth for you and your family. However, today it's tough for everyday homeowners to build long-lasting wealth, especially when you are required to "sell" your home to buy a new one or because you need to relocate.

The Bonus is that you maintain a significant percentage of ownership, turning your home into a true, passive investment. As an investor, you sit back and watch the home appreciate over time. When it’s time to sell, you get paid a second time on the appreciation. It’s really that simple.
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Traditional sale

cash out ONCE

Find a buyer, show the home & hopefully close - 30 to 90 days 

Sale price
Mortgage + Interest 
Agent(s) commission 
$13k to 20k
Seller concessions
Other closing costs
Cash proceeds today
Additional cash proceeds in 5 years
Additional cash proceeds in 10 years
Additional cash proceeds in 15 years


cash out TWICE

Cash offer, no buyer needed - close in less than 2 weeks

Sale price
Sale Price
Seller agent commission (3%)
Transaction fee (1.5%)
Estimated prep/repair budget
Escrow fee
Cash proceeds today
Additional cash proceeds in 5 years
or Additional cash proceeds in 10 years
or Additional cash proceeds in 15 years
You don’t get rid of the home. Instead, you cash out all your equity and move on with life as if you sold your home the traditional way…but you also retain a percentage of the home’s future worth, enabling you to profit twice — both today and from its future value.
Additional cash proceeds are based on home price appreciation (HPA) as well as the homeowners' percentage of future appreciation they own. There are not exact numbers.

You own a % of the future gains.

By still owning a % of the homes future worth, you get a "second bite of the apple" to make even more money on the same home!

Your current home appreciation value as of March 2034
5 years
10 years
15 years
20 years
25 years
30 years
Annual home price appreciation assumed to be 5% per year. Estimated gains are before any standard transaction fees for a traditional sale. Values are rounded to the nearest thousand dollars. All gains are based on home price appreciation above a minimum future sale value.

This graph is an example home.
A Bonus Home
5-Star Rating
With our family growing, we needed to move to a bigger home. But we didn’t want to give up our low interest rate. Instead of selling, Bonus allowed us to use our equity
as a down payment. Now, we get to just watch our investment grow.
Tammi B • Bonus Partner

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