Bonus™ for Real Estate Agents

Bonus™ gives agents a way to earn their commission while offering clients a smart, hassle-free option that has more financial upsides than selling the traditional way.

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Faster Closings and Funding

Turn around time from preliminary offer to funding in as little as two weeks. Agents and homeowners get paid within days of signing a Bonus™ offer.

Paid Full Commission

Proceeds from a Bonus™ transaction cover the agent’s full commission, per their agreement with the homeowner.

No Hassle of Listing & Showing

Bonus™ utilizes a one-time home evaluation to provide an offer, removing the need to list the home and schedule showing.

Help Homeowners Qualify

Bonus™ provides lenders the necessary information and documentation to allow homeowners to qualify for a loan on their new home.

Do right by homeowners

Bonus™ gives all the benefits as if homeowners sold the home, but enables them to realize future equity & wealth in their home.

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Will Bonus satisfy a contingency?
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