Sell your home without missing out on its future worth.

We're putting more wealth back into the hands of homeowners.

Bonus™ lets you sell your home AND continue building equity.

When selling your home to Bonus™, not only do you get money for your home today, but we let you share in your home's future value by keeping a percentage of ownership to sell again in the future — it's like profiting twice.
Selling your house can sell today for $500,000 and again in 15 years for potentially $1,000,000.

Bonus Your Home Today

Sell your equity to Bonus™ and turn your home into a long-term investment.


Keep Ownership & Move On

As your investment partner, Bonus™ takes care of your home so you can move on without worry or costs.


Sell Again in 5-30 Years

Unlock your bonus wealth. As your home value rises throughout the years, so does your future net-worth.


"We will continue to benefit from our house without having to physically live in it for the entire duration [of our ownership]."

"Real estate is a tangible investment. It's one of the easiest assets to pass down from generation to generation."

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Common Questions

Why does Bonus™ exist?
What fees and payments am I responsible for paying?
What is the Bonus™ guarantee?
Who decides when I can sell my home again?
How does Bonus™ make money?
The Bonus™ Mission

We're on a mission to put more wealth & financial security into the hands of homeowners by redefining what it means to sell a home.